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"Mardi had suffered a freight in his training and was brought to me to try to repair. I asked Margaret if she could help. With only two sessions, Mardi completely turned around...

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Margie Godson at National EFT Gathering



Margie Godson At National EFTOn May 3rd, 2014 Margaret Godson presented her work with Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping) and Horses to other EFT practitioners at the National Gathering in London Ontario.

Margaret presented a series of stories that outlined how she has developed tapping protocols and her ability to use EFT to benefit horses and their riders. She presented case studies that illustrated how she was able to eliminate bad behaviour, bucking, bolting in the show ring, fear of being ridden alone, mounting anxiety, and death and how horses perceive it.

A case study was presented helping the horse and the rider overcome their mutual fear of jumping. In this case the horse had been previously traumatized and he had injured the rider with his fight or flight behaviour. The rider in turn kept sending the horse into fight or flight from previous episodes from her past. So to amend the situation it was necessary to work with the horse and rider individually.

Margaret pointed out that quite often it is necessary to work with both horse and rider as they are both emotionally triggered by each other. Fixing both sides of the problem is necessary to prevent further trauma from occurring, otherwise it is only a temporary solution.

Many of the people attending the gathering had little to no horse experience. So the presentation explained how horses are prey animals and have a heightened awareness to the actions of predators (humans) and how perceptive they can be. It was further explained that they are very strongly intuitive and connected to the energy from their Morphogenic Field.

This understanding, combined with Margaret’s extensive experience as a life long horse owner, competitor, coach and breeder, has helped her adapt the tapping techniques to horses . She has adapted several protocols (the order in which you use different acupuncture points ) for trauma, anxiety, basic issues, and severe behavioural problems. The presentation was finished off with a demonstration of a combination of surrogate tapping using a wooden silhouette of a horse with the tapping points marked on it. The presentation was very well received with many questions and comments in the discussion period that followed.


Margie Godson at Nation EFT

Margie Godson at Nation EFT