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Certified Level 2 EFT  Practitioner

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"Mardi had suffered a freight in his training and was brought to me to try to repair. I asked Margaret if she could help. With only two sessions, Mardi completely turned around...

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What is EFT?

What are you Really Feeling?
EFT for Riders

Margie Godson - Emotional Freedom Techniques Certified

EFT is an Energy Meridian Tapping Technique that taps on the points (similar to acupuncture) on the energy meridian in the body. When a body experiences a harmful or chronically stressful event, it stores that energy in the body. EFT can be used to tap positive energy into that negative feeling.

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EFT for Riders

Riders are taught, through a number of sessions with Margie, how to use EFT for themselves and help them:

  • reduce competition anxiety
  • stop self-sabotaging behaviour
  • relieve energy blockage
  • and so much more

EFT can be an efficient and valuable tool for riders as they learn to release negative energy from their thoughts and replace it with positive energy. It’s a win-win for the rider and their riding skills.

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What is your Horse Really Feeling?
EFT for Horses

EFT for Horses

Horses are amazing creatures who store memories and feelings deep within. We don’t generally see evidence that they remember something that happened to them in the past but we do see them react to various situations, usually with negative behaviour.

EFT can be used directly (actual tapping) or indirectly (surrogate tapping) on a horse to help see, through mental pictures, something that is bothering the horse and causing these negative feelings.

EFT can help you understand what your horse is feeling and help to correct responses and behaviours that are holding him back from being your perfect horse.


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