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"Mardi had suffered a freight in his training and was brought to me to try to repair. I asked Margaret if she could help. With only two sessions, Mardi completely turned around...

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EFT for Riders


What EFT can do for Riders


Riders can be shown how to use EFT for themselves. They are taught the tapping procedure and, after a few sessions (4-6) with the practitioner, riders can use EFT on their own. The more you practice, the more it will be an efficient and valuable tool.

It is rather like peeling an onion… you start with what is apparent on the outside… the skin. As you release the first layer of energy and feelings, you then discover the next layer and it may be turning in a completely different direction. Releasing the next layer and following the feeling you will eventually get to the core… the original trauma or series of events that lead you to take on a vow or limiting belief.

Once you have opened the core and are able to let go of the belief, the feelings and the energy, the problm is no longer an issue for you.


Examples of what EFT can do for riders: 

  • can reduce competition anxiety and limiting belief that contributes to the anxious feeling, freezing, dread and panic.
  • reduce or stop self-sabotaging behaviour
  • reduce or relieve energy blockages that have prevented you from achieving that correct balanced position you try so hard to achieve.



Results vary from individual to individual. Results depend upon how willing the person is to work with their EFT practitioner.

It also depends upon where that person is in their life and if they are ready to let go of feelings and energy blockages.

The practitioner is there to help you and facilitate your EFT experience. The practitioner’s goal is to hold you safe while you do the work.


Emotional Freedom Techniques for Riders