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"Mardi had suffered a freight in his training and was brought to me to try to repair. I asked Margaret if she could help. With only two sessions, Mardi completely turned around...

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EFT for Horses


What EFT can do for Horses


EFT with horses can be done in several different ways. The process that has given me the best results is a combination of surrogate tapping and actual tapping on the physical meridian points on the horse’s body.

In surrogate tapping, the practitioner grounds their personal energy and then takes on the energy pattern of the horse being treated. The practitioner can then tap on their own body is it now represents the horse’s body energy.

Each practitioner has their own way of intuitively receiveing messages from the horse’s energy body. Mine is in pictures… I see events happen in pictures. I can also geel the energy body, feel its pain body or energy blockages. As a result of my lifetime involvement with horses, I can interpret what I see and feel and what it means to the horse and rider.

You have to realize though, there are some times when there is a change in energy flow that has not yet manifested itself in physical symptoms. In this cae, it is like a warning!

Follow-up or additional treatments canbe done through surrogate tapping oly. It does not require the actual physical presence of the horse. It does require open communication from the rider and the coach as to the horse’s performace after each treatment.


Examples of what EFT can do for horses: 

  • help discover past events that have lead to current behaviors. It can reduce or eliminate the emotional change to those events.
  • can release the emotional connection (fear response) to many situations. (ie. being alone, jumping into water or ditches, loading on a trailer, etc.)
  • help you understand what your horse is feeling and what he needs from you to feel safe. Can show you where there are energy blockages from emotions.
  • introduce positive feelings and responses to training.


Emotional Freedom Techniques for Horses